Vandoren - reeds, mouthpieces, ligatures and accessories for clarinet and saxophone



Lucas Saint-Cricq is an innovative French musician. Multiinstrumentist, on the saxophone is where he excels the most, particularly on the alto saxophone.
Lucas’ ability to explore multiple musical styles and contexts invites him to collaborate and work with great bands such as TEXAS or the emblematic SKATALITES but also perform with famous French big bands.
Lucas Saint-Cricq won the 2018 instrument performer prize at « La Defense Jazz Festival » and is currently working on his personal projet which will be released in 2019.
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Saxophone soprano :

 -Bec Vandoren S7
-Anches Vandoren V16 3
-Ligature Vandoren Optimum

Saxophone Alto :
-Bec Vandoren A5S+
-Anches Vandoren V16 2,5
-Ligature Vandoren Optimum

Saxophone Tenor : 
-Bec Vandoren metal V16 T75
-Anches Vandoren V16 2,5
-Ligature Vandoren Optimum

Saxophone Baryton :
-Bec Vandoren B9
-Anches Vandoren bleue 3
-Ligature Vandoren Optimum

Clarinette Bb : 
-Bec Vandoren BD5
-Anches Vandoren V12 2,5
-ligature Vandoren Optimum

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