Vandoren - reeds, mouthpieces, ligatures and accessories for clarinet and saxophone



Bb clarinet:
Optimum Ligature
V21 #3.5 reeds

Bass Clarinet:
B50 mouthpiece
Optimum Ligature
Traditional reeds #3

Born in Sardinia in 1989, he began to play clarinet at the age of 13. Very soon, his passion turned to jazz thanks to his bass player father. The young self-taught man then received his first educational supervision from Nuoro Jazz workshops led by trompetist Paolo Fresu.
At 19, he moved to Paris to pursue his jazz education at the Music Conservatory of Paris. On Summer 2009, the ‘best musician’ scholarship of SIENA JAZZ allowed him to study with Chris Potter.
In 2012, at the Saint Germain des Près jazz festival (Paris) not only his quartet won the spring- board 1st award in bands contest but Matteo, himself, received the Selmer prize for best soloist with a endorsement from the pretigious brand. Still in 2012, he was awarded the public choice prize and the 2nd prize at the International Jazz Soloist Competition of Monaco.
In 2015 he was awarded the press prize at the International Competition  »Premio Massimo Urbani » He’s has released two albums as a leader. The last one, with Gilad Hekselman, is called, Suite For Modigliani. He performed et/or recorded with:Gilad Hekselman, Joe Sanders, Guillaume De Chassy, David Linx, Antonello Salis, Raphael Imbert, Pierre Hamon, etc…

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