Vandoren - reeds, mouthpieces, ligatures and accessories for clarinet and saxophone



I play: Soprano Sax. : V21#3.5 - Tenor: V.12 #3 - Baritone: B7 moutpiece with ZZ reeds #3,5 - Bass Clarinet: B50 mouthpiece with Traditional #3 reeds

Crédit Photo Laetitia Derieux
Crédit Photo Laetitia Derieux
Christophe Panzani has been a member of the Carla Bley Big Band from 2002, and made multiple European tours with the Band. They recorded the last album of the band released in 2008 on the label ECM, album « Winner of the 2009 Jazz Journalist Association (JJA) Award as Record of the Year ». 
He’s one of the most on demand Saxophone player in Paris, not only on the jazz scene, but on the Hip Hop and Soul/R&B scene, performing with one of the most important Hip Hop Band in France Hocus Pocusfor several years, also with French award Rap Artist and multi awards Novelist Gaël Faye, multi awards winner and World touring Artist Yaël Naïm…  
In the mean time Panzani is a sideman with many of the top jazz musicians of the next generation : French multi awards winner, drummer Anne Paceo, multi awards French Accordion player Vincent Peirani, multi awards pianist Jean-Pierre Como, Florian Pellissier, Nicolas Moreau…
As leader or co-leader Panzani has released seven acclaimed albums. 
The Drops: 
Falling from the sky 2010, 
Spray 2013, 
Live In Paris 2015,
Thiefs 2013, 
Graft – La Greffe 2018,
The Watershed (Inhale – Exhale 2016),
Christophe Panzani(Les âmes perdues 2016)

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