Vandoren - reeds, mouthpieces, ligatures and accessories for clarinet and saxophone



sax baryton: B9 avec ligature Mo, anches V16 2,5 (ou java rouge 3)
sax ténor: T8,5 L avec ligature Mo, anches V21 2,5 ou 3, OU metal V16 7 avec anches V21 3
sax alto: A7 S+ avec ligature Mo, anches V16 2,5
sax soprano: S35 avec ligature Mo, anches V21 3
cordelière Vandoren 

Born to a family of artists in June 1992, Balthazar Naturel became interested in music at the young age of 5 when he started playing piano ; he then went on to study ​classical oboe​ at the Conservatoire de Montgeron at the age of 10, with oboist ​Thierry Gaiffe​.  
Though classical oboe was what consumed some of his earlier years, the double bass was the instrument by which Balthazar approached jazz by learning standards with his saxophonist father, Guillaume Naturel.  
After having received a prize in classic oboe, he then seized a saxophone to participate in a music course, Les enfants du jazz de Barcelonnette. This is the beginning of a long story that will be written alternately including high school studies, as well as his years at the Faculty of Biology of Jussieu in Paris.  
At age 19, Balthazar began playing professionally including a one month tour in the United States with a rock band, then playing with the​ Ernesto Tito Puentes big band​, and regular attendance of the jam sessions of Paris and New York, along with episodic lessons with well known sax players such as: ​Walt Weiskopf, Irving Acao, Luigi Grasso, Guillaume Naturel​. All the while his musical investment was growing, and the acquisition of an English horn (big brother of the oboe) was the next step that widened his interests.  
In 2014 he entered the prestigious ​National Conservatory of Music and Dance of Paris (CNSM) in the class of Jazz and Improvised Music. This learning structure gave him the opportunity to forge a solid interest in Classical, Contemporary, Indian, and Baroque music.  
As one of the most active and sought-after musicians of his generation on the Parisian scene, Balthazar Naturel multiplies projects to the different instruments he plays: ​all saxophones, flute, oboe, English horn, clarinets and double bass​. From duo to big band and all musical aspirations, he has the opportunity to travel the world, and develops his personal universe through musical composition in all forms. Balthazar has been a ​resident artist at the Baiser salé since 2016​. The club of the rue des lombards in Paris serves him both as a laboratory and as an incubator for his musical ideas and new projects.  

Projects in co-leading :  
Mâlâ ​: Multi-influenced groove jazz Quintet  
Cows on Mars​ : Franco-German Quartet of Contemporary Jazz  
Main current projects in sideman :  
Tenor Saxophone w / ​Etienne M'Bappé & the Prophets  
Tenor Saxophone, Flute and Double Bass w /​ Hippocampe fou  
Tenor saxophone / English horn w / ​Luigi Grasso & the Greenwich Session Nonet  Oboe / English Horn w / Camille Durand & Wanderlust Orchestra  
Baritone Saxophone w / The Dedication Big Band  
Quartets: Tenor saxophone with Julian Caetano Quartet, with Simon Chivallon & The Hang and many more more or less casual 
Tenor saxophone with Antonin ​Fresson's Trio

YouTube links: 

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