Vandoren - reeds, mouthpieces, ligatures and accessories for clarinet and saxophone



matériel Vandoren joué (saxophone soprano) : Anches Vadoren Traditionnelles force 4, ligature Optimum, Bec V16 S7

DAVID HAUDRECHY was born in 1981 and started to practice the classical saxophone in 1993 under J.M. Goux. His years of learning, rich in musical discoveries, lead him to new horizons thanks to a diversity of musical ensembles (big band, chamber music, etc.) and most importantly to free improvisation. In 1997 he takes part in sessions of fully improvised music with Jacques Di Donato in Dijon. He is also given the opportunity to lead the Big Band of the Conservatoire.
He was lucky to make meaningful encounters with other artists notably Claude Barthélémy, Frédéric Borey, Horace Parlan and particularly Archie Shepp whose influence proves crucial. He also rubbed shoulders with young musicians namely Julien Lourau and Magic Malik whose originality of sound and expression triggered his interest.
Starting in 1998 he furthers his education under Philippe Lecoq at the Conservatoire of Toulouse where he studies jazz as well as classical and contemporary repertoires with Emile Parisien. His many diverse musical experiences then lead him to share the stage with Magic Malik, Emmanuel Bex, Aldo Romano, François Théberge, Stéphane Guillaume, Joël Trolonge, Claude Égéa, Médéric Collignon, Thomas De Pourquery, Vincent Artaud, Daniel Humair, etc.
In 2006 he launches the “David H Quartet” to assert his musical identity through his own compositions. Influenced by modern jazz, free jazz, rock, 20th century music (Tchaikovsky, Ravel, Debussy etc.) as well as Wayne Shorter and Steve Lacy’s work, he develops his own musical language.
He participates in many formations: the saxophone quartet “Somesax”, “Zarca” (oriental jazz), the Philippe Laudet Jazz Odyssée, the Big Band 31 (with reknowned guests such as David Linx, Richard Galliano, Claure Égéa, Terez Moncalm etc.) He also takes part in projects focused on contemporary dancing,“Heroe-Heroes” with Marion Muzac, and different video projects such as short movies and documentaries. 
A state-certified teacher in jazz, he has been leading the jazz course at the Conservatoire of Montauban since 2009, and he has also been teaching at Music'Halle and at the isdaT* of Toulouse (*Beaux Arts higher education college of Toulouse).
In 2012, he initiates “INITIATIVE H”, a gathering of musicians from the new jazz scene whose first album “Deus ex Machina” comes out in 2014 under the prestigious label Neuklang (Ping Machine, Andy Emler etc.) and receives a great welcome both by the crowd during their live shows (Jazz in Marciac, Toulouse d’été, La Défense Jazz) and by critiques (“Révélation !” Jazzmag, Citizen Jazz, Jazznews, France Musique etc.). The band pushes the boundaries of jazz further with the leading artists of this new generation: Thomas de Pourquery, Médéric Collignon, Emile Parisien, Vincent Artaud, etc. 
His most recent endeavor started in 2015 with his duet with pianist Grégoire Aguilar to explore hopefully uncharted musical territories…


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