Vandoren - reeds, mouthpieces, ligatures and accessories for clarinet and saxophone



​Vandoren Setup:

Tenor: Vandoren T20 mouthpiece, traditional reeds # 3.5
Baritone: Optimum BL3 mouthpiece ,traditional reeds # 3.5

Misato HANAWA, born in Ibaraki, started playing the piano at the age of three, saxophone with Hiroshi HARA. She entered the National Music Academy Cerqy Pontoise in France, where she is currently studying as a postgraduate with Professor Jean-Yeav Fourmeau.(DEM and Gold medal) After, she studied the National Concervatoir Musique de Cambrais with Professor Julien PETIT.  (Gold medal)She won 1st prize at the 2011 Leopold Bellan InternationalCompetition(France), 1st prize at the U.F.A.M Internacional Competition(France),3rd prize at the Padova International Competition(Italy),3rd prize at the Stangel International Competition(Slovenia). 4th prize at the Lempdes International Competition(France),4th prize Junior Saxophone Competition(Japan). She was nominated and became the recipient of the International Music Award in Japan. Misato performed Concerto of J.Ibert with the orchestras of Japan Century in Osaka with conductors Shigeo GENDA.,and also performed Introduction et Rondo Capricioso of Saint=Saens in Wiener Musikverein.She has performed recitals many times in Tokyo,Osaka,Ibaraki,Paris,USA,and other cities.She has recorded first solo CD with Octavia Record Company. She will return to Japan for a recital tour 7 cities. Misato is an avid chamber music performer. She is an extremely inquisitive performer and enjoys working on new works by modern composers, as well as resurrecting rarely performed repertoire. Her musical interests are extensive and she explores a wide range of repertoire, from Baroque right up to works by contemporary composers. Her international career has already seen him perform at venues throughout the world, as well as at a number of prestigious festivals including the Music Festivals. Hearing Misato is like having a deep-tissue massage: you keep wanting to pull away from the sheer intensity of it, and you come out feeling as if your reality had been slightly altered. She is teaching at the Music collage of ESA in Osaka. She has since received many accolades and awards in recognition of her talent. -
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